The one day taster session will introduce people to the basics of experimental film, by showing examples, leading discussions and sharing ideas before giving participants the opportunity to do some basic shooting and editing based on what they have seen.  The session is open to people of all ages who are already curious about experimental film or just have a general interest in the day – you don’t need to know anything about film or film making to take part!  We will ask people to bring any equipment they may have. i.e. a laptop, camera of phone that can take video and any cables etc. and some equipment will be provided. 

This is a one-day introductory experimental filmmaking, where we will talk about what we mean by experimental film, look at some examples and discuss what the artist was trying to communicate, talk about the basics of shooting and editing and time permitting we’ll be able to show anything that we make as a group by the end of the day.
We try and make the sessions fun and relaxed, building trust within the group and giving people a chance to be creative in a nice safe environment. 
If people have one they should bring their own laptop hopefully with Windows Movie Maker ( which is free and normally comes as standard ) or other free software such as VideoPad Video Editor, and a phone or camera to film with along with the cables.
Bookings are now closed, you can check here for information on current events and workshops.