Volunteer Complimentary Tickets 2019

Thank you for volunteering at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2019!

As a volunteer, you’re entitled to one complimentary ticket per ‘shift’ you work at the festival. To request the tickets you would like, please complete the form below.

Please note there are no complimentary tickets for the Film Walk, or for Ceremony on Saturday 4 May.

If you request tickets in advance, we will let you know on April 30 which screenings you have tickets for, and they will be available to collect with your pass at the festival Welcome Desk. We have a limited number of complimentary tickets, and cannot guarantee you will receive tickets for the screenings you request, but we will do our best, and may offer you tickets for a screening happening at the same time as the one you have requested.

To check how many tickets you can request, please contact Annabel, our Volunteer Coordinator at

If you have any other questions about tickets, please contact Jessie, our Marketing Coordinator at

Festival 2019 Complimentary Tickets