Alchemy Film & Arts’ Exhibitions Programme 2018-19 brought groundbreaking experimental film installations to Hawick town centre through the distinct work of four artists.

Onyeka Igwe‘s three-screen installation opened the programme, provoking conversations around the histories and consequences of British colonialism in 1920s Nigeria and the agency of women and dance in protest. Hanna Tuulikki‘s audio-visual installation also focused on choreography and movement, evoking the lines of river-flow with the body. Tereza Stehlíková shared her ongoing project which explores the relationships between four generations of women in her own family, bringing questions surrounding the transferral of memory and tradition through families to Hawick High Street.

Rhona Mühlebach was commissioned by Alchemy Film & Arts in January 2019 to create a new film installation set in Hawick, focusing on the relationships between female horse riders, their horses, and the equestrian culture of the Scottish Borders.

2018-19 Exhibitions Programme

Rhona Mühlebach | The River, The Horse and The Woman
30 March – 12 April 2019 | 53 High Street, Hawick
The River, the Horse and the Woman  is a multiscreen video installation, inspired by the deep-rooted history and connection between the Scottish Borders and horses, commissioned by Alchemy Film & Arts and filmed in Hawick with Borders-based riders.
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Tereza Stehlíková | From You to Me: 4 Generations of Women
26 January – 8 February 2019 | 53 High Street, Hawick
Tereza’s collection of short experimental films, beginning in 2011, capture unique moments between her grandmother, her mother, her daughter and herself, reuniting between the Czech Republic and Britain over several years.
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Hanna Tuulikki | Sourcemouth : Liquidbody
7 December – 20 December 2018 | Peter Scott, Hawick
Three interlinked films, made by Hanna after she spent a month in India learning the ancient dance tradition, Kutiyattam. Through choreography, vocal composition and an innovative visual-score, Hanna embodies the river’s flow.
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Onyeka Igwe | No Dance, No Palaver
6 September – 19 September 2018 | Unit Four, Hawick
Onyeka experiments with 20th century archive footage relating to Nigeria. Her research centres on The Aba Women’s War: the first major challenge to British authority in West Africa and a historic example of feminist protest.
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