Film Town is a community filmmaking initiative encompassing workshops, partnerships and an open access media lab in Hawick town centre. Outputs include sessions in Room 305, Heart Of Hawick, Hawick, Scottish Borders, TD9 0AE; filming in and around Hawick town centre; workshops at alternative venues such as Burnfoot Community Hub or Unit Four; and participation at Alchemy exhibitions.

We ask for a few details from Film Town participants attending workshops, in order for us to provide the best service possible for the duration of each project and so that we can share your contributions in the manner agreed. The participation agreement includes: 

  • I am happy to be filmed, photographed or recorded in vision and / or audio for the Project.
  • I won’t receive any money for providing my consent for Alchemy to use my contributions.
  • Alchemy is allowed to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, broadcast and make available all or parts of my contributions to the Project for any and all purposes of the Project.
  • Alchemy may document my participation in the Project through photography, audio, video and text and may without further consent use such material responsibly (my name, likeness, biography, images of me, and recordings of me) for publicity and broadcast purposes in relation to the Project and Alchemy.
  • I understand that the recordings, films and photographs may be used to publicise Alchemy and I could be the subject of the recordings/photographs/films in publicity materials including films, radio and online broadcasts, leaflets, publications, reports, web sites, social media, exhibitions and education purposes
  • Alchemy’s use of my contributions won’t amount to any infringement by Alchemy of any recognised right of privacy.
  • I agree to behave in a manner that is appropriate to the setting and company for the duration of the Project, both in the office and on location.
    Alchemy can contact me using the details I provide on this form.

If you have provided your details to us, they will be properly stored and secured in line with our Privacy Policy, which abides by current GDPR practice.

Throughout your participation in the project, if you have any questions regarding your involvement, you can get in touch with the project leader who will provide contact information at the start of the session. However, it’s also important to us that withdrawing your consent is as easy as giving it. This page allows you to withdraw your consent to such participation in Film Town if you wish to do so, by filling in the form below.


Film Town Participant Data Withdrawal
Can Alchemy Film & Arts or Film Town continue to keep in touch regarding future opportunities?