Leah Millar began a project with Alchemy Film & Arts in winter 2020, undertaking research around Hawick’s landscapes, traditions, cultures and customs. Leah is working with communities within Hawick towards the creation of a moving-image installation that explores the relationships between land, riding and ritual.

This commission is part The Teviot, the Flag and the Rich, Rich Soil – a programme which explores the pasts, presents and futures of Hawick, researching and investigating the town and wider region’s cultural identities in relation to land, water, industry, territory, place and environment.


Leah Millar (b.1982, Belfast) is a contemporary artist and naturalist. Her work is a dialogue between individual and collective relationships to nature and land, and the wider politics of this at an ecological and species level.

Often relating to particular sites, Leah’s films are spatial enquiries informed by sensory experience, identity and the techno-ecology of images. Her work has been exhibited widely and in diverse contexts, from cinematic presentation to gallery exhibition. She is a recipient of the Arts Council’s Developing Your Creative Practice Award 2019.