Natasha Ruwona began a project with Alchemy Film & Arts in November 2020, undertaking research about Hawick-raised Tom Jenkins (1797 – 1859), Britain’s first Black schoolteacher, towards the development of a new moving-image work. Natasha is exploring memorialisation and its various processes and cultural impacts, and looking at ecologies of habitat within the River Teviot, and the human uses of the river.

This commission is part The Teviot, the Flag and the Rich, Rich Soil a programme which explores the pasts, presents and futures of Hawick, researching and investigating the town and wider region’s cultural identities in relation to land, water, industry, territory, place and environment. 


Natasha Ruwona is an Afrofuturist dreamer interested in thinking from an apocalyptic perspective that considers the uses of hauntology and counter-memories in understanding contemporary Black identities. 

Natasha’s work explores Black Geographies through Scotland’s Black History using a Zimbabwean Diasporic lens. 

Title image: Umbilic, WIP, Still of Film Essay, Natasha Ruwona, 2020