Alchemy Film & Arts are seeking committed and critically engaged individuals to join our Board of Trustees.

As a charity, Alchemy places transparency, accountability and sustainability at the heart of what we do. Our constitution limits trustees’ terms to six years, and while we are sorry to be heading towards the natural end of several existing trustees’ terms, we are excited to welcome new trustees into our diversity-led organisation, supporting our team in consolidating a values-led practice through policy, strategic governance, cultural management and financial expertise.

Please submit:  

  • A brief statement (maximum one A4 page) or a short video recording (maximum five minutes) that outlines the reasons why you are interested and what you would bring to the role  
  • Please send applications (and/or direct any questions) to Anthony Schrag, Chair of Alchemy Film & Arts, to
  • Application deadline: 5pm, Thursday 27 June 2024

To be a Trustee at Alchemy Film & Arts is to be part of a group of people from a diverse range of professional backgrounds and lived experiences, who support Alchemy’s Directors and the wider Alchemy team in delivering the organisation’s programme of activity and broader vision in line with its core values and charitable constitution.

To become a trustee at Alchemy Film & Arts is to:

  • gain insight from a leadership position into how cultural organisations operate;
  • find an engaging and proactive outlet in which to apply your skills and expertise;
  • leverage, mobilise and expand your professional networks within the film and arts sector;
  • contribute to the sustainable development of an esteemed arts organisation whose work is locally embedded and of international significance.

We are looking for people who are actively interested in improving working conditions within the creative sector, and challenging the systemic challenges that prevent people from participating in culture, and who will invest in and embody Alchemy’s core values of ambition, experimentation, hospitality, humour and solidarity.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who have experience related to rural arts, Hawick and/or the Scottish Borders, and those with accountancy experience—especially if you have previously fulfilled the role of Treasurer. We also welcome insight from those with expertise working with charitable organisations and/or those with legal or HR insights. We will help to mentor any individual who has not had experience being on a Board before.

Alchemy is a diversity-led organisation, meeting three of four indicators determined by Creative Scotland. While 40% percent of our current staff/Board are POC, 80% are LGBTQIA+. Those in decision-making roles and positions of meaningful influence also include people who are: trans, non-binary and/or living with disability and/or gender-based prejudice.

Charity Trustees are the people in overall control and management of a charity. They are responsible for the charity’s governance and strategy, and  for making sure that the charity is administered effectively. They must account for its activities and outcomes.

A Trustee’s role is to offer expertise, strategic guidance and legal oversight to support the organisation’s core team, so that the team can deliver its programme of activity as effectively and as in line with its constitution, multiple funder agreements and core values as possible. Trustees should also serve the organisation to function effectively, as well as ensure that financial reporting requirements are met, support fundraising and serve as public advocates.

More information on the role of being a Trustee can be found on OSCR’s website.

Our Trustees attend four Board meetings a year (one every three months), which tend to be no longer than two hours in length. You will be required to read and respond to all Board reports, written by Alchemy’s Directors, ahead of each Board meeting.

While we expect at least some of these meetings to take place in person, we are open to recruiting Trustees living outside of Scotland and expect to continue offering online participation in meetings. In addition to Board meetings, Trustees are expected to attend Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival each spring, and to participate in one in-person ‘away day’ each year.

We can provide access measures, such as live captioning or BSL, for online participation in Board meetings.

Image: Primary school pupils in Hawick attend Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2024. By Sanne Gault.