Read More is an ongoing Alchemy Film & Arts project designed to encourage additional engagement with its film exhibitions and other events. Available to read at relevant events and in the Alchemy Film & Arts office, Read More consists of books and other reading materials recommended by artists to complement their Alchemy-related events.

Mark Lyken’s contribution to Read More coincides with his six-month residency with Alchemy Film & Arts, where he developed Notes from a Low Orbit, a new feature-length study of the town, its communities and the rituals that inform their everyday experience

Mark’s commission is part The Teviot, the Flag and the Rich, Rich Soil – a programme which explores the pasts, presents and futures of Hawick, researching and investigating the town and wider region’s cultural identities in relation to land, water, industry, territory, place and environment.

  • AKERMAN, Chantal (2019). My Mother Laughs. Spain: Silver Press. 
  • BALSOM, Erika (2021). Ten Skies. Berlin: Fireflies Press. 
  • GROWDEN, Jessie (2021). I’ve Only Been Here Half My Life. Published by the author. 
  • HONG, Guo-Juin (2013). Taiwan Cinema a Contested Nation on Screen. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 
  • KOEPNICK, Lutz (2017). The Long Take: Art cinema and the wondrous. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press. 
  • MAI, Nadin (2021). Human Condition(s): An aesthetic of cinematic slowness. Published by the author.   
  • TAIT, Margaret (2020). Personae. London: LUX.