Read More is an ongoing Alchemy Film & Arts project designed to encourage additional engagement with its film exhibitions and other events. Available to read at relevant exhibitions and in the Alchemy Film & Arts office, Read More consists of books and other reading materials recommended by artists to complement their Alchemy-related events.

During Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2022 (28 April – 2 May), Read More will be located in Unit Four: The Cornucopia Rooms, where festival guests and attendees can browse its curated shelves alongside a photo exhibit of our recent work and community partnerships.

Mark Lyken 
July 2022

Sophie Lindsey 
March 2021

Natasha Ruwona
November 2021

Leah Millar 
March 2022

Jessie Growden
July 2020

Darae Baek
February 2020

Demelza Kooij
November 2019

Karel Doing
October 2019

Tereza Stehlikova
January 2019

Onyeka Igwe
September 2018