Scottish Borders Rape Crisis Centre (SBRCC) annually organises Scottish Borders Reclaim the Night marches across Borders towns as part of a wider 16 Days of Activism campaign, with hundreds of supporters stepping out to raise awareness of violence against women and show a united force alongside the local community, promoting an inclusive and safe environment for everyone.

This year, while we cannot march alongside each other in person, SBRCC is making a film to mark the significance of the event to our communities and to encourage reflection on the importance of Reclaim the Night.

SBRCC is inviting individuals across the Borders to respond to the question, ‘Do you think it’s important to have a Reclaim the Night march in the Borders?’, in one or two sentences and submit their answers by video message towards the creation of this Scottish Borders Reclaim the Night film. The deadline for responses is Tuesday 1 December – read on to find out how to submit a film. 


To submit your response to ‘Do you think it’s important to have a Reclaim the Night march in the Borders?’ and be involved the Scottish Borders Reclaim the Night film, please follow these steps:


  • Get hold of a smart phone, making sure you have enough battery to see you through!
  • Plan out what you’re going to say, keeping your response to around 10 seconds in length or one or two sentence.
  • Make sure that you’ve considered how the background looks behind you before you start filming your response, and that there’s not a lot of unnecessary sound in the background.
  • Make sure there’s a good amount of light where you’re filming, and that light sources are in front of you and not behind you (don’t film sitting in front of a window!).

Filming and Submitting

  • Open this link on your phone or tablet when you’re ready to film: FILM AND SUBMIT RESPONSE
  • Select ‘Add files’ and then select ‘Camera / Video’.
  • This should open your phone’s video application – turn your phone on its side/horizontal for landscape orientation.
  • Hit record and film your response! 
  • Stop filming and select the blue tick icon to submit your filmed response.
  • This takes you to the final stage, where you can fill out your name and email address and press ‘Upload’.
  • After a few moments you should see a ‘Finished uploading’ screen.

Alternatively, if you have pre-recorded a video file of your response on a camera, phone or laptop, you can follow the same link: SUBMIT RESPONSE. Select ‘add files’, go to your files folders, and select your chosen file. Fill in your name and email address and select ‘Upload’.

If you have any problems with filming or file transfer, please contact Rachael at for support and assistance.

SBRCC provides emotional and practical support, information and advocacy to self-identifying females aged 18+ and to young survivors of any gender/gender identity aged between 12-18. They support survivors who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives. They also support survivors’ families and friends and the wider community in the Scottish Borders so that all can live free from the causes and consequences of sexual violence. SBRCC works ethically, and with others, to challenge and prevent rape and sexual violence. Their services aim to empower survivors to reclaim control of their lives. They support self-identifying female survivors and young survivors, irrespective of religion, race, sexual orientation or disability.

The 16 Days are an international campaign that runs from 25 Nov, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and girls, to 10 Dec, Human Rights Day. The annual, Reclaim the Night march in the Scottish Borders forms part of local 16 days of activism events. Reclaim the Night, established in the 1970s, involves national marches against sexual violence, for gender equality and to demand justice for rape survivors.