Two people in their 20s stand at the entrance of a venue at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival ready to greet and welcome attendees. One wears an Alchemy t-shirt that reads "Embrace the Strange" and an LGBTQ pride lanyard. The other holds a clipboard. The words "Embrace the Strange" are also printed on the window of the festival venue.

Thank you kindly for your interest in joining the Film Town team at the tenth edition of Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (30 April – 4 May 2020).

To assist us in planning the event, please complete the short form below as soon as possible, outlining your availability and the positions that most suit you.

More information about volunteering at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival can be found here.

Festival 2020 Volunteer Registration


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We issue all volunteers with an Alchemy Tshirt, and will order these to requirements.
We often provide lunches or dinners for our volunteers and like to know what to provide.

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Please note volunteer opportunities are mostly available Thursday 30 April - Monday 4 May, with a small number of driving and technical support positions required Monday 27 April - Wednesday 29 April and Tuesday 5 May.
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