Sophie Lindsey completed a digital residency with Alchemy Film & Arts in spring 2021. Titled TEAM, the residency evolved in response to internal discussion within our own team around digital health, remote collaboration, distanced support structures and sustainable approaches that balance routine and spontaneity.

Through a series of collaborative workshops and interventions, TEAM sought to intervene upon the working week of Alchemy staff in order to consider the nature of teams, team-building and the effects of long-term long-distance working, aiming to trigger critical/reflective discussions, build bonds/understanding, and create pockets of play to break up the monotony of digital home-working.

TEAM was a practical investigation into how to bring care and hospitality to the digital office, in addition to exploring what an artist can offer to the structures and relationships of an arts organisation.


Sophie is a Welsh-based artist who creates work that responds to specific contexts, environments and situations. She works in various mediums, including text, GIFs, performance, workshops and video, often creating interventions in public space.

Previously, Sophie developed the collaborative video project Really Wild Lockdown, for Ty Pawb’s Arts at Home/Celf Cartref programme; created a sourdough inspired karaoke for cul-de-sac festival, 2020; painted dogs while on residencies at Can Serrat and g39; collected jokes in Cincinnati; and frequently eats packets of crisps for work, leisure, and survival. Sophie’s film Eat British Potatoes Again screened at Alchemy Live, the tenth edition of Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, in 2020.

Title image: TEAM scarf, Sophie Lindsey, 2021