Here’s a scenario of impulses/beats. This is derived from the end of Yellow Moon, a stage play by David Greig.

Background info: Lee and Leila are teenagers on the run. They are in a cave in the countryside. The police are closing in. 

Lee is in a cave with a shotgun, Frank’s dead body beside him. Leila enters. 

Leila’s mission is to get the gun. Lee has nothing more to lose. 

Now, write the dialogue in this scene, following the impulses/beats one by one, in preparation for our session next week. 


1. Lee warns Leila away. 

2. Leila reassures. 

3. Lee threatens. 

4. Leila reassures that’s she’s alone. 

5. Lee expresses anger at the people chasing them. 

6. Leila reassures that the people don’t know their hideout. 

7. Lee (bravado) describes graphically what he’s going to do to them when they arrive. 

8. Leila reassures. 

9. They discuss the cold weather. 

10. They express missing each other. 

11. Leila asks for the gun. 

12. Lee refuses. 

13. Lee paints a picture of Frank’s likely actions when he committed suicide. 

14. Leila asks for the gun. 

15. Lee refuses. 

16. Leila describes details of a hopeful future for them, short prison term then education and a happy time. 

17. Lee admires Leila’s voice. 

18. Leila tells him to put down the gun. 

19. Lee asks about the status of their relationship. 

20. Leila goes to kiss him, with great care, aiming to take the gun. 

21. Lee (reversal) changes his mind and describes details of the real future – hopeless. 

22. Leila (reversal) urges him to shoot himself. Goads him. 

23. Lee drops the gun.