We ask for a few details from participants attending workshops, in order for us to provide the best experience possible and so we can share your contributions in agreed and engaging ways.

Please confirm you are happy with the following agreements:

  • I am happy to be filmed, photographed or recorded for the project.
  • Alchemy may use images, text, film from the workshop sessions to publicise and promote the project.
  • My contributions from the project may be used, screened or exhibited with/by Alchemy.
  • I know that I can find Alchemy’s policies here, including their Privacy Policy, Safeguarding Policy, Environment Policy and Inclusivity Policy.
  • If I have any questions regarding my involvement, I can get in touch with Rachael Disbury, Michael Pattison, Jane Somers or Milo Clenshaw, who will provide contact information at the start of the project.
  • If I wish to withdraw my agreement at any time, I can do so by emailing with a subject line ‘Particpation Withdrawal’

Thank you for participating and agreeing to the project terms!