Alchemy Film & Arts’ strategic vision is informed by an investment in film as a means of generating discussion, strengthening community, and stimulating creative thought. 

Champion experimental film and artists’ moving image.

  • Advocate artistic excellence in the field of experimental film and artists’ moving image.
  • Initiate critical dialogue around and between a diverse range of artists.
  • Embrace the artistic and social potential of digital innovation.
  • Research and platform analogue forms of moving-image technology.
  • Develop audiences’ appreciation and understanding of experimental film and artists’ moving image.
  • Maintain our position at the forefront of film and artistic curation – locally, nationally and internationally.

Work to the benefit of the unique communities we engage.

  • Widen accessibility and inclusion for artists, audiences, participants and partners by challenging social, access and communication barriers.
  • Enhance social wellbeing and encourage critical and reflective thinking through educational and developmental opportunities.
  • Provide a desirable platform to a diverse range of artists, nurturing new talent wherever possible.
  • Contribute to Hawick’s economic regeneration through an investment in its cultural identity.
  • Create a positive and supportive working environment for staff, artists, volunteers and board members.
  • Be a beacon of hospitality and openness.

Contribute to cultural conversations on a local, regional, national and international scale.

  • Create frameworks through which local concerns can be explored and understood in relation to global concerns.
  • Be active in and responsive to international conversations around film practice, cultural participation and organisational governance.
  • Share, pool and maximise resources with strategically identified partners to address, challenge and overcome widespread precarity.
  • Implement sustainable carbon management methods to explore environment as a defining factor in quality of life.
  • Continue to develop a practice that is responsive to issues of equalities, diversities and inclusion.
  • Place self-reflection and -evaluation at the forefront of cultural management.

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