Alchemy Film & Arts’ Exhibitions Programme 2017-18 brought groundbreaking experimental film installations to Hawick town centre.

Louise Harris | Auroculis
5 – 18 May 2017 | Hawick

Glasgow-based artist Louise Harris presents three pieces, for Expanded Audiovisual Format (EAF), investigating relationships between sonic form, through time, and visual form, and through space.
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Frank Brown | A Retrospective
9 – 18 June 2017 | Hawick

Frank has been making films for almost 30 years. With ever-changing technology, he has captured countless significant local events, international travels, Borders culture and remarkable wildlife footage, all with style and humility.
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Kerry Jones | Nobody Speak
1 December – 16 December 2017 | Hawick
Dismantled, manipulated audio, moving and still image in a sculptural installation. Useless, irresponsible and subconscious impulses appearing then disappearing into the black screen, creating and frustrating expectations.
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Christopher Steel | Welcome Back to Southside
20 December – 31 December 2017 | Hawick
The silent film, Welcome Back to Southside, shows a journey home from work superimposed 36 times onto one reel of 16mm film, then expanded digitally with a traveling loop.
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Bill Brown | Moving Pictures
27 October – 9 November 2017 | Hawick
Moving Pictures is a 3-channel slide projector installation in which an animated series of colorful geometrical forms is simultaneously projected and composited on a moving projection screen.
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Jessie Growden | Work in Progress
August and 2 September 2017 | Hawick
During the exhibition, Jessie created paintings informed by image and sound, in an attempt to present the landscape as a visual translation from life to moving image to an object – the painting.


Nicoletta Stephanz | pf(hy)steria
24 and 26
 August 2017 | Hawick
A selection of Nicoletta’s recent film works, including a collaboration with Artist Joy Parker. Nicoletta’s newest work, pf(hy)steria explores the impact of illness on one’s life, paths to recovery and a sense of lost time.


Narda Azaria Dalgleish | What About the Ineffable?
17 and 1
9 August 2017 | Hawick 
What About the Ineffable? An experimental moving image retrospective of selected works created between 2014-2017.  Narda also created a forest installation projecting 100 portraits.

Jane Houston Green | Here, There, Everywhere
10 and 12 August 2017 | Hawick

Four films made in 2016 and a current work in progress, which the Artist is planning to develop into an amalgamated work called ‘A Shadow Symphony’.

Jason Moyes | Minus Nine
3 and 5 August 2017 | Hawick

Minus Nine explores a range of themes and maps the artist’s journey as a filmmaker. Myths and legends are retold, Berwick is at war with St. Petersburg, the American dream is represented in found footage and red lights cast a spell.

Beverley Cornwell| On Exhibit
27 and 29 July 2017 | Hawick

A compilation of short films by Beverley Cornwell that explores themes that emerge when looking at exhibited animals as objects and art, and investigates the way we share our spaces with animals in museums, zoos, and art galleries.

Patrick Rafferty | Rhythm, Routine and Ritual
20 and 22 July 2017 | Hawick

The first part of an ongoing project, using still and moving image. Patrick examines how intertwined, yet partitioned our lives can be. Routine and Ritual explores causality and entropy, light and shadow, growth and decay.

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