On Saturday 16 November 2019, as part of Forage/Image – our project exploring the relationship between artists, landscapes and environment – Alchemy Film & Arts hosted a workshop and film walk led by award-winning artist and filmmaker Demelza Kooij exploring place, environment, and the ways in which we interpret our habitat.

The film walk coincided with the premiere of Demelza’s Wolves from Above, presented for the first time in a new exhibition context on Hawick High Street. The film, which won a Jury Prize at the 2019 Ann Arbor Film Festival, captures the interactions and behaviours of a pack of wolves through a single drone shot, exploring spectatorship and the role of technology in defining human-animal relationships.

More information about Wolves from Above can be found here.


Demelza’s film walk was part of Film Town, Alchemy Film & Arts’ community filmmaking project. You can read more about Film Town, and how to stay in touch with its opportunities, here.